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A Painter's Responsibility Shell Seeker I have had a few painting instructors and each one has told me what they do with the paint left on their palettes. Some seal it in a container so that it doesn't dry out. Some guiltily confess to discarding it. The habit I prefer is one I learned from my friend and painter Catharine. When she is finished for the day she applies the paint to a panel for that singular purpose and when it is full, or done, or however you wish to qualify it, she shows it. I have purchased one of these paintings of hers and I confess, even though I own one of her lovely figurative oil paintings as well as a reclining pregnant nude sculpture she made that is quite excellent, her painting below is a favorite of mine. Is it actually art, you ask? Well, I guarantee she applied the paint with intent. How could she not? The result is a lovely study in texture and color. It has so much texture, in fact, I decided to frame it under glass because I was concer
A Bit of Promise When I first started (whatever this is) I explained that I hope to shine some light on the thought and effort that goes into creating a work of art. Too many people have the impression that artists are geniuses or magicians -- that one simply stands before a piece of paper, a canvas, a block of wood, a piece of stone, a lump of clay, and just goes at it like one possessed. And ta-dah, it appears before your eyes. Really, it isn't like that at all. I have heard artists speak flippantly about their work, "Oh it's nothing. It just took me a couple of hours (blah, blah, blah)." The worst offenders. Why would you devalue what you do? I want to say to them, "If you did THAT in a couple of hours, perhaps you should be doing MORE." I certainly do not wish to give anyone the idea that I think I am mastering this. I have spent twenty years practicing what I was trained for: graphic design. My professional experience informs the art I am attempt