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Calligrapher's blotting sheet Starving . Now why would that be? Less than 10 percent of artists make their income from their art. (Less than that if an artist is female or nonwhite or a combination of the two.) The secondary market is where the money is. What an artist is paid at the first transaction is a fraction of what that piece may be worth in the future. Dead or alive, the artist will never see a return on that higher price point. Debbie Downer, right? So, why do artists do what they do? They're called to it. Ever hear someone talk about being called to the ministry? They say they tried to ignore it, went off in another direction and somehow ended up with that call ringing in their ears. It's like that. For many of us it isn't a choice at all. It's like having the Universe constantly pouring color, images, sounds, and ideas into your head. It has to pour out somehow, sometime. When you aren't creating--if nothing is being let out--the