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A Christmas Card for the Season People ask about my work process all the time. Here is a practical example of how I tackle a project. Creating a card for the Christmas season is something I enjoy. This year I had specific goals: The card had to 1) stand on its own, 2) fit on a standard sheet of card stock. 3) Include references to love, acceptance, hope, the future, and World Peace. (One  must  include World Peace.) It began with a humble piece of paper and a purple Pilot pen. I chose the characters necessary to portray my themes: the Holy family, shepherds, traveling wise men, rainbow, light in darkness, palm branches and a donkey, a trumpeting angel. I suppose I could have crammed in more, but with these, I was satisfied. I knew I wanted the action on different panels and viewable, at least in part, at the same time. That meant I had to Dexter the top of the card at an angle. The Star of Bethlehem had to be a constant presence on both sides. That would require at leas